About Bailiwick Bailiff Services

The creation of the company name Bailiwick Bailiff Services Ltd was created by the meaning in Latin language used in law that is still used to this very day. Bailiwick means in Latin a Bailiffs Jurisdiction where a person may execute writs now known as warrants. It was this very idea that gave the company brand name Bailiwick Bailiff Services Ltd.

The company is willing to collect debts anywhere in England and Wales. No debt collection is too small and will act on behalf of Local Authorities and Commercial and Residential Landlords including solicitors and estate agents on behalf of their clients.

Bailiwick Bailiff Services Ltd brand name was created to stand above the rest and to be known for collecting debts in England and Wales from all types of social and professional backgrounds. It is after all the alternative resolution for you!

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What We Can Offer You

Bailiwick Bailiff Services Ltd offers a wide range of services including Debt Collection, Commercial Rent Collection, Vehicle possession, warrants for arrests, Process Serve and High Court Enforcement. We can provide introductory initial visits and enquiries to providing enforcement and guidance on how to approach a difficult situation. Bailiwick Bailiff Services Ltd recognises it is after all your debt and the company will follow your instructions and give guidance every step of the way. Bailiwick Bailiff Services Ltd has vast sources of contacts to ensure that no debt is difficult to handle.

Why Choose Us?

Bailiwick Bailiff Services Ltd is committed to providing a service you want. Its main goal is to ensure you know we are your Emergency Civil Enforcement Officer.

The company recognises each client, has set policies and procedures, so the company will able to adapt and diversify by listening to your customs and policies before initial instructions.

* Bailiwick Bailiff Services Ltd will only transfer proceedings from the High Court or the County Court on your behalf for High Court Enforcement under Part 70 of the Civil Proceedure Rules we will then instruct an authorised High Court Enforcement Officer to execute the warrant.